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RE: Sonicorbiter - Ayre Acoustics DAC with Native DSD Support

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  • RE: Sonicorbiter - Ayre Acoustics DAC with Native DSD Support

    On 25 July an update was announced (to arrive that week) to introduce support for Native DSD support for Ayre DACs

    Not sure if this update has already been released.

    Anyway I performed a 2.8 update just now (did one before the past few days), rebooted my OpticalRendu, changed the options on the Squeezelite client for NativeDSD support (which restarted the app) and started a Dnative SD64 .dsf stream from the LMS (the one running on the oR, so the version supported bzy Sonore). No sound. The DAC diagnostics show "no setup" as already reported on audiophileStyle (The Rendu Support thread).

    Was this update effectively released or is it still in the pipeline?

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    We are running a bit behind, but it's coming.


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      It's available now. Please follow this update procedure:


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        I did the update and now it is working! I will do some more testing the coming days and report back after that.

        First signs are all positive though! Thanks!


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          That is great news...enjoy.


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            I've been playing lots of music and have intersected my playlists with my DSD test tracks (DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256) in random orders and random variations and all this went without any problems whatsoever. So as far as I am concerned, this is an update well-done and highly appreciated! Thank you!

            There's one more thing I could try in the future and that is to disable LMS on the oRendu and use the LMS (in different versions) on my NAS instead. But that is not really a pressing activity and doesn't come on top of my TODO list right now.