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UltraRendu and Power outage issues

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  • UltraRendu and Power outage issues

    My setup:

    Roon —> UltraRendu —> McIntosh d1100 DAC (USB). UltraRendu powered by Uptone LPS-1.2 set at 7v

    This works great, but every single time I lose power, it becomes very frustrating to get working again. After I get it working again, it is 100% fine until I lose power again.
    After a power blip and once power is restored, the Rendu DAC diag shows no DAC connected, so I follow these steps:

    - Power off DAC and Rendu, wait a few seconds
    - Power on Rendu, wait for green status light and for it to be visible in the web UI
    - Power on DAC

    So here is the weird thing…I often have to do this entire process 3 or 4 times before the Rendu sees the DAC. Also, once the DAC finally shows up the first time, Roon sees it, but won’t play. The Roon song status just sits at 0:00 and eventually goes to the next song, then the next, etc. DAC sees no signal. Once this occurs, I repeat the power cycle dance once more, and magically it is absolutely fine from that point on. It works flawlessly until I lose power again, then the whole cycle starts over

    I understand why I would have to do this process once, but it is baffling why it takes 3-4 tries every time.

    Is there anything I can do? It’s a real hassle.

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    Follow these steps instead: https://forums.sonicorbiter.com/foru...am-to-my-rendu


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      Thanks, but none of that works consistently. Every time power blips, I waste 20 minutes power cycling equipment instead of playing music. I have other friends that have the exact same problem with multiple Sonore products and that have different DACs. This is frustrating and seems to be a Sonore issue.

      The only thing that works consistently is what I explained in my post, and it’s a big hassle.


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        I can’t agree. All the Linux streamers are using Linux similar Kernels and we have data on thousands of units in the wild. It’s more appropriate to say that the manufacturer of your DAC has not properly vested the Linux operating system.


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          Joey, I live in an area that was out in the country but is being developed rapidly. We have small electrical blips frequently that very annoying.
          I have 5 pieces of equipment that make up my front end that stay on all of the time.
          I chose to purchase a Tripplite power supply back up. It saves me from having to reboot and make everything recognize each other.
          If you decide to purchase a Tripplite or another brand, look for one that has output of an actual square sine wave not as most that will chop on the peaks of the electrical signal.
          The product will say if it provides a square sine wave.