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Microrendu direct connection via thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter

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  • vortecjr
    We idea is to isolate the Rendu from the noise server

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  • parkhopper
    Yeah, I saw that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t determine exactly how to configure for the thunderbolt adapter.

    ’m curious why it would not be considered a best practice. The MacBook is the audio server. Going directly to the Microrendu instead inserting a router in between would be a shorter signal path wouldn’t it? If it isn’t supported, than I’m out of luck, I just find it curious.
    Because of the location of my server as compared to the router it makes it nearly impossible to run an Ethernet cable without just running between rooms across the floor.

    I don’t want to upgrade to a new device with wireless capability (mostly because of cost), but I may be forced to.


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  • vortecjr
    Its not really a supported feature or best practice.

    This information may be outdated:
    This thread is intended to be a supplement to the Sonore Rendu series user manuals. The manuals contain quick start information that can be viewed here: Sonicorbiter Rendu Series - User Manuals (http://www.sonore.us/support.html) The Sonicorbiter operating system found on the Rendu series can be connected directly to a Mac

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  • Microrendu direct connection via thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter


    Is it possible to create a direct connection from a MacBook Pro to the Microrendu via a thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter? I tried enabling internet sharing of WiFi through the thunderbolt bridge, but it didn’t work. Any help would be appreciated.