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General question about DAC compatibility and my microRendu

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  • General question about DAC compatibility and my microRendu

    Am a happy mR 1.4 (Sonicorbitor 2.8) owner about to try a couple new DACs, specifically a Border Patrol and and MHDT orchid.

    My question is simply whether my mR is compatible with these two in particular. More generally is there a list of approved or compatible DACs I might consult or is this not really an issue?

    I have an old PS Audio Digital Link III I've tried to get to work with the mR, but without success. Any advice on how I might get it working?

    In short, I'd like to try an older and some newer DACs out soon.


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    Generally speaking most all DACs work with only a few rare exceptions. I don’t have any support emails about the PS Audio Digital Link III. Does it show up in DAC Diagnostics and if so what does it show?


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      Thanks Jesus. Let me hook her up again and see what diagnostics tells me. I'd really like to return to this old dac before I look at a NOS chip new dac!

      Will get back to you.


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        Got it working! Thanks for the quick response!