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After power glitch, MPD/DLNA requires frequent restart

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  • After power glitch, MPD/DLNA requires frequent restart

    There was a power outage in my neighborhood two days ago. Nothing got damaged, fortunately, but after restarting my ultraRendu and Matrix X-SPDIF2 combination (which I still don’t understand why is such a tweaky and twitchy process - start this before that, but not on Sunday when you also have to do something else!) and verifying there was music, I’ve had to restart the MPD/DLNA renderer three times over these two days. It just seems to randomly drop out. My system was running much more predictably previous to the power outage. I tried physically restarting everything more than once, and of course Saving the selections on the Sonicorbiter interface, making sure the Audio Switcher was toggled, but it just seems the renderer is not as stable as it was before this happened.

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    What version of SonicOrbiter does your unit have? When was the last time is was updated?