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Sonicorbiter app stuck in limbo

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  • Sonicorbiter app stuck in limbo

    I'm running SO 2.8 with latest updates on a UR. I often switch between Squeezelite and MPD/DLNA. Historically, selecting Squeezelite has always required several goes for it to remain active.

    Having failed repeatedly to get Squeezelite to stay active when selected, I decided to uninstall it and then reinstall it. These actions seem to have only been partially successful. I'm now in the position where the Squeezelite package appears to have been removed but still remains on the Installed Apps list. Under the icon it states package is not installed.

    So now I'm stuck. I can't install it and I can't uninstall it and obviously I can't use it.

    How can I recover from this situation? Is the card corrupted?

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    Is there a way to clean up invalid references in the os?

    There's obviously some shoddy housekeeping failing in the software management. Is this using rpm in Fedora or Sonore code?

    It lists a package that isn't present (presumably because there's still a link in the os somewhere).
    It allows a Delete operation on an invalid package and reports success.
    Having successfully reported a successful delete, it continues to list the package in the Installed Apps tab.

    Surely, the Settings and Software Management elements of the gui should check the package integrity?

    If there is no "factory reset" then I presume I either go back to my 2.7 card or have to buy another 2.8 ?


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      You can use 2.7 until you get a new card. I will look to reproduce your issue.


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        Thank you

        I would be keen to know if you can reproduce the problem or if anyone else has seen Package Manager glitches.

        I'm nervous about using the gui now in case I cause further damage, Obviously don't want to have to buy the card again if the risk remains.

        NB/I'm sure it would be possible to include a recovery partition on the sd and provide a means to restore to "factory settings" ??


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          I update all my units and you should do the same thing regularly. FYI each new SD card has a 1 year warranty.


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            I do update regularly.

            As you can see from my first post - "I'm running SO 2.8 with latest updates"
            This problem occurred with the latest updates in place.

            The card was bought from Audiostore in the UK on April 2nd.
            To claim for a replacement card under warranty do I do this direct with Sonore or via Audiostore?


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              Good. Some people think they are up because the OS says 2.8 so i need to emphasize that they press update. Please contact Audiostore for warranty.


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                Ok, so Audiostore delivered a replacement SO 2.8 card to me very quickly (thank you Martin).

                I have deliberately not done anything with the new card so as to provide a benchmark for my problem.

                With the band new card in my UR, Squeezelite package reports it is NOT installed. It states this in the INSTALLED list.
                All the other default apps listed are selectable and report 'Active' when selected.

                Squeezelite reports 'Active' followed by 'Stopped'. No amount of stopping, starting, settings changes, saving, rebooting, shutting down and powering back on in any combination will get Squeezelite to start and remain active.

                Just to reiterate - This is on a brand new card straight from the vendor.

                Trying on my original 2.8 card, if I click on the Squeezelite icon in the "Installed" list and select 'Install' I get 'Squeezelite package does not exist...
                Squeezelite remains on the installed list but gives a states go "UNKNOWN"
                Other installations work. I tried installing LMS, for instance. This goes in fine and starts.
                However, watching the log output during the install, I can see - "error, package squeezelite not found"

                Going back to my old 2.7 card, Squeezelite (and all other apps) work fine.

                I intend to write back to Audiostore to ask if they can check squeezelite works on their new cards.
                However, I am at a loss as to what else to try.


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                  I was able to confirm this issue. Please hang tight while we look into it.


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                    Please email me at [email protected] so I can have a look at your unit.


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                      Missing packaged installed and all's well once more.

                      Big thanks to Jesus and Martin from Audiostore for their help.