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Sonicorbiter - Audirvana Plus Output Mode

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  • Sonicorbiter - Audirvana Plus Output Mode

    This thread is intended to be a supplement to the Sonore Rendu series user manuals. The manuals contain quick start information that can be viewed here:
    Sonicorbiter Rendu Series - User Manuals

    In order to enable the Audirvana Plus output mode please following these steps:
    1. Sonicorbiter v2.5 or newer is required for the Audirvana Plus output mode. Updated micro SD cards with the latest version of Sonicorbiter is available for older Rendu from our website under Software.
    2. Go to www.sonicorbiter.com and select to Manage your unit.
    3. Go to Apps / Software Manager and press Update.
    4. Go to Settings / MPD/DLNA and press Save.
    5. Go to Apps / Audio App Switcher and confirm that you have a green Active status next to MPD/DLNA.

    6. From Audirvana Plus go to Preferences and then select the Audio System tab.

    7. Enjoy!