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Sonicorbiter - Update the Rendu Series

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  • Sonicorbiter - Update the Rendu Series

    Upgrade your Rendu Series
    Sonicorbiter 2.8 for the Rendu is standard on new purchases. If you have Sonicorbiter 2.7 or earlier versions and which to upgrade to Sonicorbiter 2.8 you need to purchase a new micro SD card from our website under Software.

    Update your Rendu Series
    For any version of Sonicorbiter on the Rendu series you can update the software to receive patches and fixes by following these simple steps.

    Step 1

    With the Rendu connected to your network, go to http://sonicorbiter.com

    Step 2

    Click on the Manage Button

    Step 3

    Choose Apps

    Step 4

    Choose Software Manager

    Step 5

    Choose Update

    Step 6

    Confirm the update by choosing Update

    Step 7

    Choose Back to Main Menu

    Step 8

    Choose System -> Reboot

    Step 9

    Choose Ok

    The Reboot will take 45 seconds to complete.

    Congratulations - Your software update is now complete.