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Introducing Sonore microRendu v1.5

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  • Introducing Sonore microRendu v1.5

    The original Sonore microRendu v1.3 was discontinued in March 2020 because certain parts on the unit were becoming hard to get. Soon afterward we decided to redesign the unit improving some components and upgrading others. Another key goal of the project was to reduce the price without compromise to the performance. With a little bit of hard work we were able to achieve all the project goals and we think you will be thrilled with the new Sonore microRendu v1.5.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 8.49.38 AM.png Views:	31 Size:	60.0 KB ID:	488
    Photo of early prototype without silkscreen artwork

    Here is what we did
    1. Improved two power converters and their associated capacitors using some new ones that are much
    better than what we had years ago. The result is significantly better power network performance.
    2. Improved the clock buffer to one used in opticalRendu. This part has MUCH lower jitter.
    3. Improved the USB A jack to the through hole one used in other Rendu boards. This was done to increase reliability.
    4. Changed the standard case color to black with v1.5 silkscreened on the faceplate to tell the versions apart.
    5. Ships with Sonic Orbiter 2.8.
    6. New lower price.

    Accepting pre-orders for shipment in October
    Starting at $399

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    Looks great. Can version 1.4 be upgraded to 1.5 the way that 1.3 could be upgraded to 1.4?


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      That update path will not be available. The microRendu v1.4 is a nice unit...I would hold on to it.


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        I just opened up pre-orders for shipment in October.


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          I'm sure a lot us are already wondering if our mR 1.4's are in effect superseded by this new model. It's hard to tell, from your reply to Mike.


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            Hi Jesus! Interested to know how this compares to the uR. And are you considering to launch a new uR with the upgrades included in the oR with just an Ethernet port. Thank you Jorge


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              We are not trying to replace the ultraRendu. However....the new microRendu is an incredible value. No plans to change the other Rendu.


              • Flyingelephant
                Flyingelephant commented
                Editing a comment
                How would you articulate the differences between the mr1.5 and the UltraRendu? What are the potential differences in sound quality? Thanks.