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Introducing the Audiopraise VanityPRO - multi-channel HDMI digital audio extractor

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  • Introducing the Audiopraise VanityPRO - multi-channel HDMI digital audio extractor

    What is it?
    The VanityPRO is a multi-channel HDMI digital audio extractor with advanced signal processing built in. It enables the user to turn virtually any compatible HDMI source into a high-quality, up to eight-channel digital audio transport which supports PCM and DSD audio formats.

    This heavily engineered audiophile HDMI audio extractor features custom DSD to PCM conversion algorithms and a state-of-the-art jitter reduction system. The result is a reference quality digital audio signal suitable for the most demanding applications of stereo and multichannel digital playback.

    How is the VanityPRO different from all the other HDMI audio extractors? It basically addresses all the imperfections associated with the HDMI audio, one by one, with a ton of extra features the others don’t have.

    Some Features
    - HDMI 2.0a input and output.
    - Up to 8-channel 192kHz/24bit PCM and 6-channel DSD64 audio extraction
    - Custom high quality DSD to PCM conversion
    - Advanced jitter attenuation
    - DSD to DoP encoding
    - HDMI Audio status monitoring
    - Multiple options of multi-channel or stereo digital audio outputs. All major formats
    - Synchronization clock outputs

    Digital Audio Outputs Channels - 8 or 2 channel (stereo) output module options
    Option 1 - 4xBNC for 8-channel output
    Option 2 - 4xRCA for 8-channel output
    Option 3 - 4x/XLR for 8-channel output
    Option 4 - 1xXLR + 1xBNC + 1xRCA + 1x TOSLINK for 2-channel output
    Option 5 - multichannel I2S output module with CMOS 3.3V levels

    More information to follow...

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    This is how I'm using the VanityPRO

    I primarily have a stereo based music system. However, from time to time I have wanted to add a center channel for movies and for the big game when friends and family come over. I fell like I can't here the people clearly and find myself raising the lower the volume of the entire system to compensate. Also, I just don't like the idea of the TV down mixing the multichannel tracks down to two channels and then having to run that audio into the stereo.

    What I have decided to do is run L/R right channels into my main DAC, amplifier, and speakers. Then I run the center channel into a dedicated integrated amplifier with digital input, and speaker. Both of these signal paths have volume control built into the amp so I can easily adjust things to my liking and needs.

    Let me know how you might use the VanityPRO?


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