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New Ver. 2.9 SD Card into MicroRendu Causes New Problem???

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  • New Ver. 2.9 SD Card into MicroRendu Causes New Problem???

    My audio system and music listening has been very stable and enjoyable for well over two years. I recently purchased and installed the new Ver. 2.9 SD Card into my MicroRendu music player, and I ran the Software Update successfully in the MR's Software Manager, and it now shows Ver. 2.9. I also ran the Software Update app successfully on my MicroJukeBox music server, which then showed ver. 2.8 active. However, I'm no longer able to play music at this point. I've used the "Squeezebox Server" App, on the MJB via my Apple iPad, which is fully updated, for years to connect to the MR for listening on my system. Now, however, in the MJB's "Squeezebox Server" Settings the App can no longer find the MR. It simply shows "No Player." I've troubleshot it all for several hours and have been unable to find the problem (Rebooting all the devices, reinstalling the SD card, re-running the devices' software updates, etc.)
    Note: I should add that the MR's "DAC App" does show it successfully connected to my DAC, as usual.
    Thank you.

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    Try going to Settings and press Save in the output mode you want to use.


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      Thank you for your Reply. I don't quite understand where (or which device) I am to go to "Settings" in?? And specifically where the "Save" feature is to be selected?? In the Sonicorbiter panel for the MicroJukeBox, I can go to Apps and select "Squeezebox Server" and open it, but its page doesn't offer Save anywhere I can see; and that's where in its Settings window the selection "My Player" shows "NO Player Available." Perhaps I'm not correctly understanding where the "Output Mode' selection is made and can then be "Saved"???


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        Don't know if this is what was mean't by (Try going to Settings and press Save in the output mode you want to use). Go to the iP address of your mR/Settings/Save Changes.


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          Thanks for your idea, tmauceri. I tried your suggestion, but in the"Squeezebox Server" App "Settings" on my microJukebox player, it still reads that "No Player Was Found." (It can't find the microRendu.) This is the problem I've been having all along, notably since installing the new ver. 2.9 SD Card into my microRendu.
          Vortecjr, can you offer me further/additional ideas to try to get my music playing again?? Thanks.


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            Go to settings on the Rendu and press Save on the output mode you want to use. For Streaming from an LMS server use Squeezelite output mode. FYI the DAC has to be connected for the Rendu to show up properly for in LMS.


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              Thank you so much, Vortecjr!! Your excellent instructions showed me the cause of the problem, which is now fixed. For whatever reason, after installing the new ver. 2.9 SD Card, the SqeezeLite App had become Unistalled on the MicroRendu. After reinstalling it, my music listening has thankfully returned. The MR is a great product, by the way!!