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Logitech Media Server not working 100% correctly after updating to ver 2.8

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  • Logitech Media Server not working 100% correctly after updating to ver 2.8

    If I'd have foreseen the headaches, I wouldn't have updated to 2.8 (the process itself was fairly onerous). Suffice it to say, it wipes out everything in the OS, including removing any apps you've installed (like CD Ripper or Logitech Media Server) and removing any preferences/customizations. After re-installing LMS, I'm having to remember how I've customized it to my liking over the last few years. However, there's another problem, it will not connect to any web-based service: e.g. Last.fm mysqueezebox.com and tunein. The error message I get in all 3 cases is to the effect of "cannot resolve IP address."

    Any body seen this, or have any suggestions as to how to re-program radio stations into a Squeezebox?

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    I have not see an issue like that before but there is a lot of discussion about squeezebox on the squeezebox forum. Maybe somebody over there has the answer.

    Another option is to try and reinstall squeezebox.

    Also make sure all your squeezebox apps are updated squeezebox has it's own internal system for installing and updating apps.


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      Appreciate the reply. My first look was to the Squeezebox forums, but they are overwhelming with literally thousands and thousands of posts. Very difficult to find anything relevant. Not sure what mean by reinstall squeezebox? Logitech Media Server on the sonicOrbiter itself? Surely you don't mean on each squeezebox device. The main problem stemmed from having to reinstall it after updating to 2.8.


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        You can use the software manager on the sonicTransporter to uninstall the reinstall the squeezebox server.