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Roon Remote not connecting to Sonic Transporter i5

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  • herbg1000
    I experienced a very similar problem with my SonicTransporter i9 Roon Core unable to communicate with ANY of my
    Roon endpoints (UltraRendu, Windows PC, Logitech Touch, etc).

    I updated the Sonictransport and rebooted several times (including Cold reboot). All endpoints were rebooted. Checked
    the firewall settings to see if they may have changed and the RAATServer and ROON connections are still there and not blocked.

    Rebooted the Router, just to be sure. And, rebooted the NAS as well.

    Roon operated perfectly just 24 hrs prior to this issue. Not sure what changed as nothing was initiated by me.

    However, I am happy to report that I followed Andrew's instructions above and was able to get Roon Core to communicate with all
    endpoints. I originally followed the UPDATE BUTTON instruction but did not go back in again to press SAVE CHANGES.

    All is working now!

    A couple of questions:

    1) If the Roon Core had to be reinstalled, can settings, tags, playlists, etc be recovered via a backup once the new CORE was installed?

    2) Any theories on what caused this issue as I'm a bit concerned how quickly this problem emerged?


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  • T.C. Dandy
    Thank you for your suggestions, Andrew! The reinstall worked for me. So good to have my Sonore rig working again! As you warned, though, I have lost data. Mostly not a problem, but I am concerned about the tags that I added to each album in Roon. I did a Roon backup before the reinstall. I have searched google, Roon, and Sonicorbiter w/o success for instructions about how to restore the tags from the back ups. If that is possible, I would be very grateful if you could point me to an explanation.

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  • Tpinckard
    Andrew - Thanks for the help as always. My i7 restarted and loaded normally. Roon is in the process of repopulating my local drive on the sT.

    Thanks again!


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  • agillis
    1. I don't quite understand this. Roon settings does not reinstall Roon it only changes the settings.
    2. I'm not sure about that. That is a question for the Roon support team.
    3. yes routers can cause problems with Roon sometimes.

    Try this is. It may fix the Roon Core

    Go to
    Sonicorbiter.com -> Manage -> Apps -> Software Manager -> Press the update button

    Go to
    sonicorbiter.com -> Manage -> Settings -> Roon Server
    And press Save Changes

    If that doesn't work try reinstalling the core (you will loose your Roon db if you do this) There are detailed instructions on how to do this on the sonicorbiter.com FAQ

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  • Roon Remote not connecting to Sonic Transporter i5

    My problem: Last week, the Roon Remote app on my iPad became unable to connect to the core on Sonic Transporter. After working perfectly for 11 months, Roon Remote now hangs on the “trying to connect” page. Roon support has offered several suggestions, but so far there has been no solution. Roon finally suggested contacting Small Green Computer, so here I am.

    (See full equipment details below.)

    The problem started after my main audio system had been powered down for about 2 months. During that time, the SonicTransporter (in another room) had remained powered up and connected to router. On powering audio system up after 2 months, all went well except for the failure to connect.

    9 attempted fixes so far:

    1) Power down Sonic Transporter i5, wait a couple minutes, and restart Sonic transporter

    2) Power down iPad, wait, and restart

    3) Serially power down and unplug router, core, and remote devices; wait 30 minutes; then power all back up in same order

    4) Open Sonic Transporter’s web page, go to settings, and confirm that boxes in “Roon Server settings” are unchecked. (They were, but I went through the process of
    checking and unchecking them again.)

    5) Confirm that my firewall is turned off

    6) Confirm that iPad (w/Roon Remote) is on the same private network as my Roon Core

    7) Confirm iPad settings show that Roon Remote is allowed to access local network

    8) Delete iPad’s Roon Remote app, power down iPad, wait a few minutes, restart iPad and
    reinstall Roon Remote app

    9) Install Roon Remote app on a different iPad and try connecting (same problem, so I switched back to original iPad)

    Would be grateful for help with 3 other possible fixes:

    1) On a Sonic Transporter thread about a similar problem, someone suggested going to the Transporter’s “Roon Server settings” and using “manage software” to delete and reinstall Roon Server. That worked for someone. If I try that and if it restores connectivity, will it preserve my tags? Will I need to “restore my database”? If a restore is necessary, how do I do that?

    2). Roon also recommended confirming that my “main Roon install is set up to accept connections from remotes.” I have been unable to confirm that because I think it requires going to the “Navigation menu” in Roon (on the Roon Server/Core?) to which I do not seem to have access due to the connection problem. Settings for the Sonic Transporter i5 on the Transporter’s web page do not offer an “accept connections from remotes” option. (I have made no recent changes in my Roon or Transporter settings, so “remote connections” should still be set correctly.). How could I confirm this?

    3) There have been some rather inconclusive discussions in Roon forums about the router as a possible culprit in other failure-to-connect-to-core problems. Unfortunately, they seem to require network knowledge that I lack. Is anyone familiar with this possibility?

    Aside from the above, it seems that Roon and I have both run out of ideas about how to fix this. Any further suggestions would be hugely appreciated!


    Here’s a list of streaming & audio gear I am using w/Sonic Transporter i5

    Roon Core Machine

    Sonic Transporter i5, version 2.8, with Intel i5 CPU and 5GB RAM, running Roon Server 1.8, build 931

    Networking Gear & Set-up Details

    iPad running iOS 15.5

    Roon Remote app on the iPad (cannot find Remote app's version or build number, but believe they are up to date)

    Century Link C000Z router/modem (from ISP)

    TP-Link Powerline Ethernet adapter

    Sonore Ethernet converter — from wired ethernet to optical

    Sonore optiRendu

    Connected Audio Devices

    Musical Fidelity MX-DAC with sBooster power supply

    Number of Tracks in Library

    Approx. 3,000