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    Any ideas what this is about and how it impacts our SonicTransporters?

    (Please forgive auto correct typo in the Thread Title.)

    Upcoming changes to the Linux builds of Roon should result in performance improvements for anyone using a Linux Roon Core.

    What should you do?

    This new release requires new dependencies on your system and it’s important that you prepare your Roon Core before the update is released.

    From carrying out testing on a range of Linux distributions, we recommend installing libicu onto your Core. However, different variants of Linux may require additional changes to ensure that all dependencies are met.

    When are these improvements being released?

    We are expecting to release the update on the 3rd of November. If you would like to access the improvements early and help with our testing efforts, we will be running a beta for anyone who is interested in giving these changes a try.

    To find out more about the improvements, what action you need to take and how to join our beta test, please visit our Help Center.
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      Roon Core works well with sonicTransporter and libicu is already installed. Roon contacted us about 5 months ago and we worked with their engineers to make sure we had everything required for the next version of Roon.

      If you have not upgraded your sonicTransporter recently press the update button. If you don't have 2.8 follow the upgrade instructions on the sonicorbiter.com FAQ.