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  • Sonore UltraRendu

    First, new to the forum.
    Just today received the UltraRendu streamer and the little green 7VDC supply. DAC is the Denafrips Ares II
    very impressive sound from this combination but i do have a question, the UltraRendu does not show up in my network connections but works and connect just fine. I use MConnect to stream from Tidal.
    Is it normal that the UltraRendu does not show up in network connections?

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    Not normal, but possible. Maybe you have a firewall or VPN blocking things. Anyway, the router sees it and has assigned it an IP address. That IP address is the way to access the configuration section of the unit and you need it.


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      Vortecjr, thank you for your response.
      After some thinking, the UltraRendu is connected to a wireless extender via a Cat5e cable soon to be replaced as well as the extender. A direct connection is in the works. I think it is the extender that prevents visibilty, just a thought.


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        The UltraRendu is now connected with a Cat6 straight from the router. I can’t see the Ultra from my OS nor can i select the Ultra from MConnect but, i can connect and reboot from the Sonicor web page and access other settings as well, what am i missing?
        I am totally new to network and digital streaming so it might be a very basic lack of knowledge from my side.
        hope to find the problem.


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          What country are you in?
          Make sure the DAC is listed in APPS/DAC Diagnostics. Go to settings and press Save.


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            I am in the US.
            The DAC was selected. Not sure what the problem was, i gave the router a reset and about one hour later the streamer became an option to play to in MConnect. Took a very long time but the connection now appears stable and good.
            thank you for your suggestions and support.