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SonicTransporter i9 and Intel Quick Sync Video Encoder

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  • SonicTransporter i9 and Intel Quick Sync Video Encoder

    I have PLEX installed on my SonicTransporter i9 with the media files residing on my NAS. When I launch PLEX directly
    from the "APPS" section in the "My SonicOrbiter" web page, I continue to have buffering issues when playing movie files.

    Plex is trying to transcode the files rather than playing the Direct as instructed in the Plex/Settings.

    Strangely, the PLEX endpoints (i.e. smart TV, WIN10 PC, etc) all play the files via Direct Play or Direct Stream.

    When I try to disable the transcoding on the SonicTransporter i9, I get CPU errors that state there isn't enough computing
    power to play the files.

    This is ridiculous as the STi9 has a very powerful Intel i9 (model 9900 8-core) processor with a powerful Intel® UHD
    Graphics 630 GPU. Intel uses Quick Sync Video Encoder on Windows PC's to enable this GPU.

    However, I've done some homework and have learned that LINUX OS's have issues with enabling Intel Quick Sync.
    Not sure what the LINUS OS on the STi9 is based on but I'd like to know if Quick Sync Video encoding is "turned on" in
    the operating system. I suspect it is NOT as the STi9 is having difficulty running movie files that ran routinely on a 10 year old
    NAS with an Intel Core i3-3220 dual-core @ 3.3 GHz CPU and 4 GB ECC RAM.

    Looking forward to hearing back!