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Setting up Roon on SONICTRANSPORTER I5 for the first time

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  • Setting up Roon on SONICTRANSPORTER I5 for the first time

    Sorry for such a basic question but I am confused.
    I am bringing up the SONICTRANSPORTER I5 for the first time. I am migrating from a crashed Vortexbox and have copied my rescued music files into the music folder of the new server.
    The web interface states the Roon Server is already running but the quick start instructions say you need to download it.
    If it is already downloaded, don't I still need to register for the license?
    What am I missing here? Is there a separate Roon app that is downloaded from their website?
    Also once Roon is running, is there anything I need to do for my Bluesound and Cambridge audio streamers to see the music files on the transporter?\

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    Roon server should already be installed on your sT.
    You need a computer or tablet to access the server and control it. Either way you need to install Roon on your computer or Roon Remote on the tablet to control things.
    You also need a Roon account.
    When the music is in the ST it will automatically share the content on your network.