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Using sonictransporter i7 as storage device

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  • Using sonictransporter i7 as storage device

    Hi Andrew, I am now using my i7 primarily as a hard drive for new music files. I use an Antipodes K50 as my roon server and player. So I rip the didk to the sonictransporter and then transfer files over the internet to the antipodes hard drive. So my question is can I use the sonictransporter as an additional storage device in addition to the antipodes. I have ripped some cds to the sonictransporter and I see them on file explorer. Is it also possible to play the files from the sonictransporter through my antipodes? Currently Roon sees my antipodes Roon server but not the sonictransporter. Not sure what I need to do to use it as an additional storage device that is seen by Roon. Thanks, Larry

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    Ok, I found out in Roon settings I can add a folder so it will look at the storage in the sonictransporter. However, I got stuck trying to do this so if you could walk me through the steps it would be much appreciated


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      Have you checked the Roon Knowledge base? They have a lot of great info on this.