Configuring MinimServer on sonicTransporter

Prerequisites: Your DAC is on and connected to your microRendu / Sonicorbiter SE. The microRendu / Sonicorbiter SE is set to MPD/DLNA output mode. Click here for a tutorial on how to set up MDP/DLNA on the microRendu / Sonicorbiter SE. You have a drive mounted on the unit. Click here for a tutorial on how to mount a drive on the unit: MySonicorbiter

1. Go to via your browser and under Network Servers / sonicTransporter click on Manage.

2. Go to Apps / Software Manager / Available Apps and select MinimServer.

3. Go to Apps / MinimServer Admin and select Confirm. Do not put anything in the content directory because the unit is already configured to look at the music folder on the unit. You can select Rescan when new content is added to your library.

4. Enjoy MinimServer / MPD-DLNA