Configuring Roon Server Running Headless on sonicTransporter

Prerequisites: Your DAC is on and connected to your microRendu / Sonicorbiter SE. The microRendu / Sonicorbiter SE is set to RoonReady output mode.

1. Start Roon Server on your computer and go to Settings / General and press Disconnect.

2. Under Choose your Core select the sonicTransporter by clicking on Connect.

3. Under Where do you keep you music? select Next.

4. Under Add streaming music select the best options.

5. At the bottom of Roon select Manage Audio Devices.

6. Under Networked locate the Sonore microRendu / Sonicorbiter SE and select Enable (this option will not show up if your DAC is not connected to the microRendu and both units are powered on).

7. Go to Settings / Storage and Storage and select the best options.

8. Enjoy Roon / RoonReady