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sonicTransporter & HQPlayer 4 Embedded Upsampling UPnP, Tidal, and Qobuz Streams

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  • sonicTransporter & HQPlayer 4 Embedded Upsampling UPnP, Tidal, and Qobuz Streams

    I have been testing a Small Green Computer i5 sonicTransporter music server running Singalyst HQPlayer 4 Embedded to upsampling UPnP streams, Tidal streams, and Qobuz streams. The resampled and filtered stream is then sent to my ultraRendu via the NAA protocol. In this configuration HQPlayer 4 Embedded show up as a UPnP renderer making it very easy to send streams to it from your favorite DLNA/UPnP controller and server. Enabling HQPlayer 4 Embedded as an OpenHome renderer with BubbleUPnP Server then also you to stream Tidal and Qobuz via an application like Kazoo. In the next post I'll show you how to configure this feature.

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    Knowing how to use HQPlayer 4 Embedded on a sonicTransporter is a requirement and beyond the scope of this how to guide. For additional information on using HQPlayer 4 Embedded refer to this post:

    Tests Conducted to Date

    1. Tidal streams at 44.1 via Kazoo
    2. PCM and DSD streams via MinimServer
    3. JRiver streaming PCM (does not require OpenHome)

    Configure the micro/ultraRendu

    Software Installation

    1. Go to Apps / App Switcher and select HQ Player NAA.

    Configure the SonicTransporter

    Software Installation

    1. Go to Apps / Software manager and install BubbleUPnP Server.
    2. Go to Apps / Software manager and install HQ Player Server.

    Software Setup

    1. Go to Apps and select BubbleUPnP Server to configure it. When prompted about Internet connectivity make your selection and press Ok. From the Media Renderers tab select sonicTransporter from the left side of the page and configure it as follows:

    2. Go to Settings / HQ Player Server / HQ Player Config and configure HQ Player to resample per your preferences. Remember to select the micro/ultraRendu as the NAA output device at the bottom of the HQ Player Configuration screen under Network Audio Backend.

    Configure your DLNA/UPnP Controller

    Here is how thing looks from the Kazoo controller.