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sonicTransporter & HQPlayer 4 Embedded as audio hub

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  • sonicTransporter & HQPlayer 4 Embedded as audio hub

    I have been experimenting with using a SGC i5 sonicTransporter as an audio hub. This process allows one to take digital or analog audio in and stream it out via HQ Player to your system.

    The system in this example:

    Cable box <optical cable> MiniDSP Streamer <USB cable> SGC i5 sonicTransporter running HQ Player embedded <ethernet network> ultraRendu as NAA <USB cable> DAC <analog interconnects> AMP


    1. Install stereo i2s/Toslink firmware on the MiniDSP Streamer. This firmware needs to be download with a user account and loaded via software MiniDSP provides.
    2. Some code needs to be installed via command line on the SGC i5 sonicTransporter since this is not an official feature. Depending on interest Andrew could arrange this by making it an official feature.
    3. Stop all other HQ Player streaming.

    Usage is very simple and just requires that you configure HQ Player on sonicTransporter as usual selecting the remote ultraRendu as the NAA device for output to your system. Then you go to the Input section of HQ Player on sonicTransporter and select the appropriate input rate. In this example the appropriate input rate was 48kHz. As soon as you press Select audio starts streaming.