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CD ripping on the sonicTransporter

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  • CD ripping on the sonicTransporter

    The sonicTransporter can rip CDs to its internal SSD drive. To get this working you need to attach a CD drive to one of the USB ports on your sonicTransporter and you need to install the CD import app.

    1. Attach a USB CD drive to the sonicTransporter. If you need one you can buy a good one here.


    2. Next you need to install the CD import application if it's not already installed. To do this go to sonicorbiter.com and click on manage next to your sonicTransporter. You can then click on Apps and Software Manager and Available Apps. Select CD Import and click install.

    3. Once you have installed CD import reboot.

    4. Next put your Redbook CD into the drive.

    5. It will be converted to FLAC and stored in /storage/music/flac on the sonicTransporter file share. When ripping is complete the disc will be ejected.

    6. You can monitor the progress of CD ripping using the CD Import app sonicorbiter.com -> manage -> Apps -> CD Import This will show you what is being imported and if there are any errors.

    If your Disc is not in the online database it will not be ripped and will be ejected.