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Output 7.1 audio over HDMI from your sonicTransporter

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  • Output 7.1 audio over HDMI from your sonicTransporter

    The sonicTransporter can be configured to allow Roon Core server to output over the sonicTransporter's HDMI port or locally attached USB DAC.

    To do this go to sonicorbiter.com -> manage -> settings -> Roon Server and enable Local Playback

    Once you have done that you need to enable the port for playback in the Roon app (on your computer or iPad). Go to Settings -> Audio and look in the section labeled "Connected to Core".

    There will be a bunch of HDMI ports labeled "HDA Intel HDMI #". Typically you need to activate HDMI 3 but this can be different depending on what sonicTransporter you have.

    If HDMI 3 doesn't work enable all of them, play to them one at a time until you hear audio and then disable all the ones that don't play.

    If you have not made any settings changes it will probably be stereo only. Go into Settings -> Audio in Roon and click on the gear next to your HDMI port and select device setup. Scroll down and select "Show Advanced". You can then set the "Channel Layout" select 7.1.

    Note: sometimes the HDMI ports won't show up if they were not connected to the HDMI receiver when your sonicTransporter was powered on. Make sure you have an HDMI cable going from the sonicTransporter to the HDMI receiver and have the receiver powered on then power on the sonicTransporter. If you don't see the HDMI ports reboot the sonicTransporter.