You can use music or files from an external USB drive or NAS on your sonicTransporter.

Accessing a NAS from your sonicTransporter

Note: If you are using Roon mount the NAS in the Roon app (settings -> storage -> add folder -> add network share). Use the network share location in the documentation below.

To mount your NAS on your sonicTransporter you need three peices of information.

1. NAS name or the IP address of your NAS (your NAS web control panel can give you this information)
2. The share name on your NAS you want to access. You can find this from tne network folder on your computer or the web control panel on your NAS.
3. The username and password to access yoru NAS (if you have one)

To mount the NAS drive on the sonicTransporter you need to the sonicTransporters web based managment interface. Go to then click manage next to your sonicTransporter. Then go to settings -> Drive Mounter. If you don't have the drive mounter app you can install it from the Software Manager ( -> manage -> apps -> Software Manager)

Go the the SMB tab ( -> manage -> settings -> Drive Mounter -> SMB)

Enter the SMB name of the share you want. For example if your NAS is named diskstation and your share is music then enter \\diskstation.local\music You need to add .local to the end of you NAS name.

Then enter your user name and password. Press Save Changes.

Your NAS is now mounterd on \storage\NAS. If you want to use the NAS files in Plex, Squeezebox or some other application use this as the folder location.

Accessing a USB drive from your sonicTransporter

The sonicTransporter can access one USB drive attached to one of it's rear USB ports.

Note: There are many USB drive formats. The sonicTransporter can access many different formats. It does not work with the new MAC format. The best format is exFAT. This link tells you how to reformat your drive to exFAT.

To get the USB drive mounted first attach it to one of the rear USB ports on the sonicTransporter. Black ports are USB2 and blue are USB3.

Next go into the Drive Mounter ( -> manage -> settings -> Drive Mounter -> USB). If you don't have the Drive Mounter app you can install it from the software manager ( -> manage -> apps -> Software Manager)

Drop down the Drive device name and select the largest partition.

Press Save Changes

Your USB drive is now mounted on \storage\usbdrive If you want to use the files in Plex, Squeezebox or some other application use this as the folder location.