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Sonic Transporter i9 CD Ripper

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  • Sonic Transporter i9 CD Ripper

    Hello, I'm considering purchase of the i9, but I'm wondering why only the i7 comes with a CD ripper? Can the i9 be ordered with that as well? Is ripping something that can be easily done on the i9 with an external CD drive?

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    You can order an external optical drive from SG, see accessories, but it's not integrated into the unit. I believe you can use any optical drive. You just need to install the CD Import App in Available Apps.

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      We have lots of different products for different customer needs. The i7 had a CD ripper and is also 19" rackmount. We sell an external CD ripper for our other products. The advantage of an exteranl CD ripper is you can disconnect it and put it away when you are not ripping CDs.

      Rip CDs directly to your sonicTransporter drive. Just insert the CDs and they will be ejected when ripping is complete. No extra software required. Rips in the highest quality (lossless) FLAC files or full uncompressed. Plexor duplicator grade CD drive for the best quality rips and long life. Guaranteed 100% bit perfec