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SGC sonicTransporter i5

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  • SGC sonicTransporter i5

    The sonicTransporter i5 replaces your desktop, laptop, Mac mini, etc... to provide the premier solution for those wanting more from their home computer audio experience.

    Unmatched Quality: The sonicTransporter i5 is milled out of a solid block of billet aluminum. The entire case is the heat-sink for the processor. The makes the sonicTransporter fanless and noiseless!

    With a simple to use web-based interface (no separate keyboard, mouse, or monitor required), the sonicTransporter i5 will have you playing music across your network quickly and easily.

    The sonicTransporter i5 runs Roon Server, HQPlayer (embedded), Squeezebox Server, Plex Media Server and MinimServer (DLNA server). Attach a USB drive full of music or a NAS and your music will be available to virtually any network player. Add up to 4TB SSD internal storage when ordering.

    With an i5 processor and SSD (for your music database), the sonicTransporter i5 is perfect for lightning fast access to your music. Attach a Sonore Rendu series player to your USB DAC to have a complete digital transport solution.

    Multi-room streaming with Roon up to 16 simultaneous zones

    The sonicTransporter i5 also works great with Sonos network speakers. Listen to your local music or iTunes music files on Sonos speakers at any time without ever turning on your home computer.

    The sonicTransporter i5 is an exceptional Plex Media Server allowing users access to audio, video, and image content. Solve your media chaos with Plex.

    Roon Server is preinstalled but you need to purchase a license from Roon Labs or take advantage of a free trial. The sonicTransporter i5 exceeds Roon Labs hardware specifications

    If you want a simple all in one solution we also have the option of an internal SSD drive. See options above.

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