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SGC sonicTransporter i9 optical

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  • SGC sonicTransporter i9 optical

    Run Roon Server on a super fast noiseless box!

    No keyboard or monitor needed. A plug-n-play Roon server. Access your sonicTransporter with a web browser from your tablet.

    This sonicTransporter i9 is built for Roon DSP. Runs all your high processor requirement upsampling, digital volume control, and DSD to PCM conversions. Run multiple DSP plug-ins at once on 8 cores of power! Great for upsampling to DSD512.
    • Works great with our ultraRendu, microRendu, Signature Rendu SE optical or other Roon Ready players
    • Exceeds Roon Labs hardware specifications
    • Attach USB drives with your music, use with a NAS, or purchase with internal storage
    Optical Networking

    The sonicTransporter i9 optical has an optical Ethernet port for direct connection to optically networked players such as our opticalRendu and Signature Rendu SE optical.

    You can attach a standard Ethernet player/streamer or network DAC with our opticalModule.

    60 day Roon Trial

    This product ships with a 60 day Roon free trial.

    This diagram shows a typical installation with a direct optical network connection from the music server to the player/streamer.

    Small Green Computer
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