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Any Plans to Upgrade i9 to More Powerful CPUs?

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  • Any Plans to Upgrade i9 to More Powerful CPUs?

    Hello, interested in the i9 and wondering if there are plans to move the CPU to the Intel i9 10900, 11900 or 12900 processor any time soon? Or even better, their K variants?
    If not, do you make i9 units with the i9 9900K instead of the plain 9900?

    Just looking for the best performance possible!

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    Most of those CPU require a lot more power. The sonicTransporter is fanless so it is VERY difficult to get rid of the heat. We selected the 9900 because it can do DSD512 or DSD256 with all filer combination. Not much is to be gained by using a different CPU. Any reason you want a different CPU?


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      Thanks for the reply. I keep reading on forums such as Audiophile Style that the 9900 cannot do DSD512 with all filter combinations, in fact some folks were unable to do DSD256 with all filter combinations. Most said DSD512 can be done with simple filters but not the more complex ones. That's precisely why I hesitate to get the transporter i9 as it is currently configured, since I'd want to do DSD512 conversions on everything.
      I think the Transporter/Rendu combo is dynamite and perfect for me other than the above, and would pull the trigger and buy it otherwise.