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Inakustik Reference Power Station AC-3500P

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  • Inakustik Reference Power Station AC-3500P

    The AC-3500P power conditioner reliably suppresses all unwanted interference from the power system. The Active Power Distributor implements a highly efficient parallel filter perfectly attuned to the audiophile’s needs. The filter leads off all interference from both the power system and the connected devices themselves without restricting the supply. Add to this the dampened sub-chassis that reduces mechanical vibrations of the filter components caused by the 50-Hz grid frequency. Also, the star-shaped distribution topology ensures uniform supply of all connected units. This way, the Referenz Power Station AC-3500P becomes a key factor to a fine yet powerful sound. The technical design is housed in a stout metal enclosure with a front panel of silver or black anodized brushed aluminum. Six high-quality power sockets are available at the rear panel. The centrally placed high-current power inlet (IEC C20) allows for easy replacement of the supply cable with a longer one. The built-in surge suppressor protects your precious devices from voltage peaks, and you can conveniently switch all power sockets on and off using the power key on the front panel. An indirect LED light located at the front-panel bottom shows the current operational status: white is for the standby mode while blue indicates that the Power Station is on and the power sockets are active.

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    I purchased one of these recently from a local supplier in Canada. It replaced a Hidiamond HDX, which has replaced Shunyata Hydra-2/PS8 (and former full loom of Shunyata Venom cables), which replaced a Furman PL Plus C with ifi AC Purifier, which replaced an APC power bar. Each step up was a major improvement. I had hesitated for a long time before getting the Inakustik 3500 (because of its cost), however that is probably good because it made me appreciate the 3500 all the more knowing it bested the other great power filters/distributions. It took a while to burn in, and probably still will burn in longer because I'm not using it to push out all of the power it is capable of. The 3500 sounds much more dynamic with better focus on each instrument and vocalist.

    FYI, I also have Sonore's ultraRendu, LPS (the new one, plus Blue fuse), and DC-4. I also have a full loom of Inakustik 2502 power cables, plus Inakustik Reference ICs and USB, so the 3500 was inevitable for me eventually🤑.