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UltraRendu SD card for 2.8

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  • UltraRendu SD card for 2.8

    I upgraded my SonicTransporter i9 with the 2.8 version and want to do the same for my UltraRendu as I figured it would be best. If that is incorrect I am open to opinions.

    I purchased the SD card and after following the instructions Sonicorbiter can't find the the UltraRendu. Not being able to find the UltraRendu it can't find my DAC it is connected to. That zone does not exist.

    I tried powering down everything down and restarting with no change. After numerous tries I put the old SD card back in and everything plays fine.

    Any suggestions on that subject?

    On top of that it appears that the Roon program in the i9 has self updated to 2.0. I know I didn't do this as I barely know how to make these thinks play.

    Just ask Andrew. Unfortunately I probably drive him crazy with basic questions. He never ceases to offer help at anytime though.

    Thanks Brad

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    What color is the status LED on the back of the unit?


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      The LED is Green with the new SD card in.

      I tried yet again and used my MacBook to search for my i9 and UltraRendu. I was able to find both this time and the UltraRendu shows the 2.8 version.
      The problem now is it will not find my PlayBack Designs IStream and MPS-5 that is in my system.

      I have run out of things to try and put the old SD card back in.

      What is on the 2.8 for UR other than better communications with DACs?

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        So no one here has any help for a problem with their products. Disappointing at best.


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          There is some good Roon troubleshooting steps on the sonicorbiter.com FAQ. In this case check the DAC diagnostic. Your Roon Ready player won't show up in Roon if it can't find the DAC.

          If you are still having issues go to smallgreencomputer.com and click on "contact us" I can work with you directlly.