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RoonReady not working on ultraRendu

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  • RoonReady not working on ultraRendu

    I have two devices, an opticalRendu and an ultraRendu, both are connected to my wired ethernet network, both are detected using sonicorbiter.com management console and both are configured as RoonReady devices.

    Roon can only see one of these two (the opticalRendu) and the only way I can see Roon to register the ultraRendu is if I configure it as a SharePoint device... However for some reason I cannot get Roon to see the ultraRendu device in the Audio setup section, I tried rebooting the Roon Core, etc. but nothing is working....

    Any hints?

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    What DAC is connected to the Rendu? Can you check the USB port on the Rendu for damage? Is this a newer or older unit?


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      You are correct, I swapped everything around except the USB cable, this was a cable supplied with the Schiit Modius DAC which I assume was good as I unpacked it yesterday, looks like something is not right with the cable... I rebooted the ultraRendu and with the replacement USB cable it works fine now.....


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        If my DAC supports DSD, should I set the Rendu device to DoP or to Native DSD? I am asking because my opticalRendu is connected via USB to a Chord Dave DAC which has native DSD support so I just assumed that Native DSD setting in the opticalRendu is the best way to go....


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          I should support native DSD and DSD via DoP. I would use native DSD.