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Best Songs to Test Drive the SE

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  • Best Songs to Test Drive the SE

    Hey Folks,

    I have a Signature SE coming with the appropriate optical converter, cabling and power supply. Any suggestions on a few songs to test out how the digital streaming sounds compared to other sources (LP, CD, SACD, even the old streamer)?

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    Are you going to rip your CDs and SACD because then you can compare things that way?


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      So many possible songs, filetypes, and ways to get them or stream them. I prefer DSD files streamed locally from a dedicated server as opposed to streaming .flac from a service. But I am pretty old.

      To the original question, I lean towards auditioning with Pink Floyd. Lately ‘Wish You Were Here’ (the whole album, I use a DSD from a needle-drop recording I made myself) and also this other non-Floyd track ‘Once Upon a Time In the West’ (Dire Straits, ripped from cd and converted to DSD). Both of those I know very well.

      To me the truth lies in extended listening to a variety of music and filetypes repeated over time wherein a sense of complete satisfaction just grows when everything just sounds right. I got my SE a few weeks ago... It initially took less than a few seconds to confirm the Epic Sound Quality. Not so much testing anymore; listening long. My initial opinion is confirmed every time.


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        Something you love! Something recorded well! Something you have in multiple formats! Hmmm.... if this were me today, I'd probably choose Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat but tomorrow it might be something quite different.


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          Birds by Dominique Fils-Amié is exquisite.

          as is 1BR/1BA by Vienna Teng