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sonicTransporter to opticalRendu

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  • sonicTransporter to opticalRendu

    Today I've just received a brand new sonicTransporter, connected it to the network, logged onto Roon and transferred the core from a Qnas to to transporter, all went well, logged onto Tidal and Qobuz and pointed it in the direction of my music folder, now my opticalRendu in not showing up under the list of audio devices, this Mac, apple TV and a Marantz device all showing up, the OR is connected to the network via a ubiquity switch, Roon server is running on the transporter and from the OR UPnP bridge delivers to music to a legacy Naim streamer, I've tried rebooting everything including the switch. I figure it must be something in the settings of the OR or transporter.

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    OK, Figured it out, I still had SqueezeLite running on the NAS, so, it's sounding very good indeed, better that just the NAS and rendu. Now to transfer the database.


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      I'm having trouble transferring the database to the new sonicTransporter core, I've backed up from the Qnas core but having trouble pointing the new core back to the backup, I've found the pathway through finder but can't seem to get there through "find backups" in sonicTransporter settings. Not sure what I need to do here, I don't want to loose 4 years of edits


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        Look like your looking in the music folder not the RoonBackup folder on your NAS.


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          Hi Andrew, The sonicTransporter has brought a big improvement to in terms of sound quality and functionality, thanks for such a prompt delivery to Australia(6days)
          When I search for backups in roon settings all I get is the above > the internal hard drive of the transporter > the music folder > dropbox, roon backups is in the roon folder, is there some way to copy it to the new core running on the transporter, apologies I'm not great with computer terminology


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            The image you posted shows you are looking in the wrong folder on your NAS.

            If you can't figure out how to get roon to look at the correct folder please ask Roon for support.


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              Thanks, I'll take it over to the Roon forum. And thanks for including a quality data cable with the transporter.