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  • USB Audio Cards

    I wanted to show off my USB audio card collection It's a small collection and I want to expand it so feel free to show off your cards and let me where you got them.

    My received my first USB Audio Card (Dean Peer's Airborne) as gift from Mr. George Cardas at CES many years ago. Ever since then I have been fascinated by these cards and enjoy the physical aspect of them. Inspired by this gift team Sonore and SGC made a prototype USB card player to stream them directly via USB which regrettably never made it into production. The card was loaned out and is missing from my collection, but I was able to purchase a new one from Dean's website: https://www.deanpeerbass.com/recordings

    These are the ones currently available from Cardas Audio. Email me if you are interested in them at [email protected].

    This USB audio card was a gift from Mr. Winston Ma of FIM (AKA First Impression Music). Winston heard about our USB card player and was interested in expand on the concept of the cards. I sent him the prototype card player and he demonstrated the system to dealers overseas. Ultimately the project lost momentum and it was abandoned. Winston passed away peacefully on May 24, 2016...he was very nice to me and left a lasting impression. This is the card he gave me and I dare say there are not many around because Winston was very concerned about illegal copies.

    This USB audio card from Anne Bisson was purchased through Elusive Disc https://elusivedisc.com/search?search_query=usb+card