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  • Sound Quality

    If this is in the wrong thread please feel free to move it.

    I have been having the issue many have had with Roon not seeing a Qobuz name and password. The multiple reboot, including switches, has seemed to work through that issue.

    Now the sound quality has dropped significantly. to where it is fuzzy and congested. When comparing a streamed song either from my NAS or from Qobuz through my DAC it is about 50-60 of the sound quality of the same CD played through my DAC. The volume level is about 20% lower when streaming.

    My system is coaxial cable into my listening room - ActionTec coax to ethernet conveter - network switch - Synology NAS (only for music storage) - SonicTransporter i9 - UltraRendu - Playback Designs IF Stream - Playback Designs MPS-5.

    In the i9 I, use Roon and Qobuz only. The signal is upsampled to 4xDSD and sent to the IF Stream.

    I was hoping for some suggestions before I start to try to figure out all of my internal settings for different pieces.

    The reason being is I am 70 year old, not a computer brained person and it was a struggle the first time and it will be like starting over to figure where to begin. I will do it. I'm just looking for some spcific suggestions if possible.

    Thanks for any help possible. Brad

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    On the Rendu in Settings / RoonReady are you using native DSD or DSD via DOP? Can you post an image of the Apps / DAC Diagnostic page?


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      Thanks for the reply. I new I posted the question but couldn't remember where. Being 70 years old has its issues.

      New problem I will post question to SGC.